This function plots selected functions in a phase_II monitoring data set against the corresponding training data set to be compared.

plot_mon(cclist, fd_train, fd_test, print_id = FALSE)



A data.frame produced by control_charts_pca, control_charts_sof_pc regr_cc_fof, or regr_cc_sof.


An object of class mfd containing the training data set of the functional variables. They are plotted in gray in the background.


An object of class mfd containing the phase II data set of the functional variables to be monitored. They are coloured in black or red on the foreground.


A logical value, if TRUE, it prints also the id of the observation in the title of the ggplot.


A ggplot of the multivariate functional data. In particular, the multivariate functional data given in fd_train are plotted on the background in gray, while the multivariate functional data given in fd_test are plotted on the foreground, the colour of each curve is black or red depending on if that curve was signal as anomalous by at least a contribution plot.


air <- lapply(air, function(x) x[201:300, , drop = FALSE])
fun_covariates <- c("CO", "temperature")
mfdobj_x <- get_mfd_list(air[fun_covariates],
                         n_basis = 15,
                         lambda = 1e-2)
y <- rowMeans(air$NO2)
y1 <- y[1:60]
y2 <- y[91:100]
mfdobj_x1 <- mfdobj_x[1:60]
mfdobj_x_tuning <- mfdobj_x[61:90]
mfdobj_x2 <- mfdobj_x[91:100]
mod <- sof_pc(y1, mfdobj_x1)
cclist <- control_charts_sof_pc(mod = mod,
                                y_test = y2,
                                mfdobj_x_test = mfdobj_x2,
                                mfdobj_x_tuning = mfdobj_x_tuning)

cont_plot(cclist, 3)

plot_mon(cclist, fd_train = mfdobj_x1, fd_test = mfdobj_x2[3])